Complementary Podiatric Video Triage providing expert foot and ankle Evaluation hosted by: Board Certified (ABFAS) Podiatrist William Salcedo DPM

Are you in pain from an acute injury that happened at home or while playing a sport? Do you have a seriously painful and possibly infected ingrown toenail?

Wondering where to go for expert advice?

Most people automatically think of the Emergency Room or Urgent Care; however, your best choice, especially during this Pandemic, is to visit a Podiatric Specialist and bypass the Emergency Room as well as Urgent Care. We thoroughly understand your reluctance to venture out into a Medical Office during this Pandemic; however, you can feel safe because we have altered our processes in order to provide the utmost of safety.

The following items are what we have changed for you.

1. Closed our waiting room
2. Closed our check in and check out desks
3. Changed the patient waiting room to an individual car waiting area. We are having patients call us when they arrive to the parking lot and waiting in their cars until we come to get them
4. Escort patients directly to the exam room
5. All check out functions occur in the exam room
6. Patients are escorted out to the parking lot
7. It is likely that you won’t even see another patient while you are in the office
8. All patients are instructed to wear a mask to their appointment
9. Exam rooms are thoroughly sanitized before after each patient

We understand that you are questioning the necessity of venturing out at this time for something that may not be urgent; we have come up with a solution to ease your mind. We have instituted a courtesy video triage system . We can evaluate your concerns and educate you on the urgency of your issue. If Dr Salcedo determines that you have an urgent Podiatric issue, we will offer you a same day appointment.

The two greatest benefits to the Podiatry Video Triage system:

1. Avoid contamination by others at the Emergency room and Urgent Care
2. Avoid the high cost of Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care
3. Time saving; Podiatry video triage allows improved convenience in order to avoid an un-necessary visit at an inconvenient time.

* * Once this appointment is scheduled, you will receive a text or email with the link to access our system. You will just click on the link at your scheduled time and you will be connected to Dr Salcedo.

If you do end up coming to Salcedo Podiatry, you will receive the following added benefits:

1. You will receive Podiatric Specific Weight bearing digital X-rays as well as expert interpretation by a trained board-certified foot surgeon that Urgent Care or the Emergency room cannot provide if needed.
2. Avoid having to travel to multiple sites to receive care. Dr Salcedo, a foot and ankle specialist, will diagnose, as well as provide needed treatment and supplies in an efficient manner. Onsite dispensing of Durable Medical Equipment, if needed, alleviates the need to make a special trip to an outside Medical Provider.
a. You have the ability to view digital x-rays on an in-exam room lap top while Dr. Salcedo makes his accurate diagnosis based on 27 years of experience treating foot and ankle injuries.

William Salcedo DPM is Board Certified in Foot Surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) so you know you will be evaluated by a qualified Podiatric Specialist.

Salcedo Podiatry Complementary Video Triage

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